Today I bring you a very original gift, which at least has made me very excited. (You’re probably going to read this, so thanks Daniel !!!;)) This is the instax SHARE SP-2, a smartphone printer that I couldn’t resist showing you.


It is a printer for smartphone that fits in the palm of a hand (look at the photo, and that my hand is sooo small). You can take it anywhere in your bag, or even in a loose pocket. And it doesn’t need to be plugged into the mains to function if the battery is charged. You also don’t need to connect the cable to the printer, it works by Wifi.


Admit it, we take most photos with our mobile. I am not referring to the artistic ones (which also), but to the day to day, on your mother’s birthday, on the last meeting with friends, on the first day of school of your son, the costume party of your little monster, or your last romantic dinner. Your smartphone is full of memories that can go to the toilet (literally) or the mop bucket one day if you have not taken the precaution of downloading or printing the images.

The more you leave it, the more lazy it is and the more it costs to download them, right? Well, this printer is used to avoid such a catastrophe, because you can surprise your mother by blowing out the candle without having a Polaroid camera, or give grandparents a photo with your newborn baby on their first visit, for putting a small example of moments that should never be missed;).


As I have just anticipated, it is an instant printer, for those who do not leave the mobile phone, for those who want to take the photo home on paper, to surprise friends, to have a detail with your visits, so that the guests keep a memory of the party or to not miss the best moment of a last romantic getaway.

It is ideal for giving gifts, decorating, animating your photo albums, touching the memories with your hands, sending them by post, because we are still romantic of letters, packages and photos on paper. Also to wallpaper the fridge, use them as invitations or to save special moments in the portfolio 😉 And the Polaroid-style photos are the perfect detail for lovers of retro or vintage and for nostalgics as a servant.


You can add filters (custom, sepia, black and white), dates, texts, make collages, personalize the photo with party decorations, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s and others. Here are some examples:

It also offers the possibility of printing from social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, including the title, your profile photo and the “Likes” received. Surely this will love more than one and one 😉 Some examples:

You can modify the texts, the ones I had were too long and do not come out complete, but you have the possibility to change them.

In this video you will see everything much better:


  • Dimensions: 89.5mm × 131.8mm × 40mm
  • Weight: 250 grams (without battery and film)
  • Image size: 62mm x 46mm
  • Includes USB cable
  • Charging time approximately 90 minutes (according to manufacturer, it took me considerably less 😉
  • You can print while loading
  • You can have up to 8 devices connected at the same time, although while printing you cannot print from another device
  • Approximate print capacity: 100 photos


Well, this is what I liked the most. How easy it is to install and use. Honestly, here where you see me technology and I are not the best friends, but this is easy, easy. Even my grandmother could have used it. Here its parts:

Power button Reprint button USB connector cover  Back cover closure Back cover  Battery cover

Look at the steps to start it , although in the instruction manual it explains it very clearly:

  1. Insert the battery.
  2. Insert the reel. Press the button and slide to the left to open the cover (2-1) and insert the reel matching the signal (2-2). It will automatically eject the protective plastic.
  3. Connect the cable to the printer and to the power supply. Let it charge until the light turns green.
  4. Install the intax Share application on your smartphone .

And you already have it ready to select the photo, edit it and give it to print … In less than ten seconds you have your photo! And now comes the magic, that moment in which you see how the image appears little by little.


I have this polaroid , which is very good, but the truth is that now that I have the printer it seems to me that I am going to use it less. It is not for nothing, it is that unless you have a very potato smartphone, if your mobile takes decent photos it is more comfortable because it offers more possibilities and, above all, the most important thing, is that with the smartphone you can shoot as many times as you want to give with the desired photo.

With the polaroid camera you shoot and the photo comes out, come out as it comes out. And we are already too used to repeating the photo five times if it is necessary because someone leaves with their eyes closed, right?

Against , with respect to the camera, is that it is a little more expensive.


The best

  • Its immediacy.
  • How easy it is to use.
  • The speed with which it prints.
  • The convenience of being able to take it anywhere without the need for a plug.
  • The design and the size.
  • The retro style of photos that characterizes Polaroids.


  • The economic part, in addition to the initial investment, we must add the reels.
  • The brightness of the colors is not as much as it appears in the video 😉 it is more similar to the usual Polaroids although the quality is good.
  • The size of the photos. They measure like a credit card and the image a little less (6 × 4’5cm approximately). But of course, what can you expect from a printer that fits in the palm of your hand? 😉 And well, it can also be an advantage, I have already commented, they fit in a portfolio!

So far my initial experience with this new gift that I am enjoying. Just seeing the face of my little one when observing how the image is appearing as if by magic … it already seems like a gift 10 !! In fact I don’t know who is more excited about the two with the gift :).

If it has been useful to you, I invite you to share it, just as someone you give a good idea for an original gift 😉 Thank you and see you soon.

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