Surely if you are a father or mother, you dream of sharing your photographic hobby with your creatures. Now, if buying a camera is not an easy decision for yourself, buying cameras for children, some little people who, in addition, still have a lot to grow, becomes even more complicated.

You know that in the blog we like to try to simplify your life so I am going to share with you those tips that, from my own experience, have worked best for me. I hope some of them will help you in your search. Let’s go there.


This is for me the most important aspect of the entire choice. It is useless to give a super complex camera to a boy or a girl of 2 years, you understand me. And giving a teen profile a camera that is too childish would be wasting their talent and your money;).

So my advice number 1 is that you think first of all to whom that camera is aimed, in fact, all the advice that I will humbly offer you, always have to be seen depending on the age of the person who is going to receive that camera.

At the end of the article, I will leave you several options so you can see a little what you can find depending on the ages.


As a photography lover you know-how, even for adults, resistance is something to keep in mind when choosing a camera. Even more so when we talk about a child-type camera.

Blows and falls unintentionally, yes, but falls to the end and Cape, inadequate sites where runs are left anyway, unintentional stomps and so long. You know that as well as I do, for sure.

To avoid throwing our money away, but above all to avoid disappointments of the little ones, ours, various anger or sadness, look for a resistant camera.


As a general rule, they are attractive. There’s a whole marketing department behind that already makes sure they are lo, but it doesn’t hurt to take it into account to give them a camera that they love.

Taking into account, for example, your favorite color, or your personal tastes can be an interesting option;).


As long as the summer holidays are, it seems like a great idea to add versatility to our choice of the gift camera. A submersible camera will not only save you the odd scare, but they can also take it to the beach, the pool, the river or play in the bathtub.

If I were a girl again, I assure you that I would want it submersible 😉 And if I lend it to you so that you can also enjoy it, it will be impossible to resist;).


If as adults we increasingly value light cameras, but with good features (that is why mirrorless cameras have more and more market), how can it not be so when we talk about giving a camera to a young creature with small hands?

The camera should be lightweight, small in size, fit your hands and have a good grip.


A camera with professional photographer features on a 5-year-old is a waste. It is already in the hands of someone who only thinks of working on an automatic – imagine such a small child.

The cameras are only a tool to approach photography in a fun and healthy way. Giving him a camera that he doesn’t understand, that has too many options or that is simply not appropriate for his age, promises certain failure.

Obviously you must take into account point 1 (Age) in this specific case. The understanding we have at 3 years old is not the same as at 12, so obviously, both age profiles will need different cameras.

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