You are dying to have an angle, because the 18mm of the kit falls short, you want to be able to cover more scene and have more creative options. Today I bring you the solution, it is the Canon 10-18mm. I have been with him since the summer and I am delighted. Stay and I’ll tell you why.


This is a lens intended for those amateurs who are looking for an ultra-wide angle, but do not have a loose budget and / or do not need a professional quality lens. They just want to enjoy photography getting decent quality without having to get a mortgage.

It is for APS-C format cameras If you have a full frame, better look at other angle options such as this Sigma .

Very suitable for video due to its STM focusing system, which is quite smooth and quiet and its stabilizer.

Ideal for travel photography, architecture, landscapes and extreme sports.


It is a wide-angle lens, that is, it covers a greater part of the scene and whose focal length is between 10-18mm. In the following graph you can see the comparison between the different focal lengths. It offers a viewing angle of 97 ° 10 ′ – 64 ° 30 ′ (horizontal).

It is a fairly light and compact lens that offers a fairly decent quality, especially considering its price.

On the other hand, although it has geometric aberrations, it is not something that should put you back. If you shoot with the target completely parallel to the subject, you can control the geometric aberration quite well. By tilting the lens, you can, however, achieve very creative effects, as the lines tend to fall (twist). It is the effect of angular optics.

Automatic corrections with Lightroom, if the geometric aberrations are not greatly exaggerated, work very well, here an example, right corrected with a single click.

The stabilizer helps you gain steps when you need more light, something that is appreciated because it is not too bright. In this image you have a comparison of two enlarged freehand shots, both at 13mm and 1 / 15s. The difference, that one has been taken with the stabilizer and the other has been deactivated.

Next, a photo of the same motif, taken at 1 / 100s and the same enlarged detail. As you will see, the image quality is more than decent.


These are the manufacturer’s specifications for this Canon EF-S 10-18mm f: 4.5-5.6 IS STM:

  • Focal length: 10-18 (35mm equivalent to 16-29mm)
  • Maximum aperture: f / 4.5-5.6
  • Minimum aperture: f / 22-29
  • Minimum focus distance: 22 cm
  • 7 diaphragm blades
  • Stabilizer to decrease the trepidations in video and so you can use somewhat slower speeds to gain light
  • STM focus motor (it is not as fast as the USM system but it is very smooth and quiet, which makes it ideal for video, as I mentioned earlier)
  • APS-C (for cameras that are not Full Frame)
  • Filter diameter: 67mm
  • Lens cap: E-67II
  • Rear lens cap E
  • Weight: 240g
  • Size: 7.46 x 7.20 cm
  • Sunshade: EW-73C
  • Price: € 240.48 


The best thing about this lens is the value for money , you will not find a lens that offers this image quality, with stabilizer and this speed of focus for a similar price. Without a doubt, it is the best option at the amateur level.

Another point in its favor is how light and compact it is. Considering that it is an ideal lens for video or travel, this detail is appreciated. To give you an idea, it is very similar in size to the 18-55mm kit.


In addition to all these aspects, I am clear that what interests you most is to see what types of photos you can get with this objective. I am going to show you several photos indoors and outdoors so you can see the quality it offers. Below I also leave you a gallery so you can see what types of photos you can take in terms of composition and frames.


It is an optic that does not disappoint. Canon has achieved with this product that a greater number of users can choose to have an angle for a very decent price.

Although it is not the best in terms of quality or luminosity, it comfortably defends itself in an affordable price range for those who do not dedicate themselves professionally to photography and simply want to enjoy it with more creative possibilities.

More than 240 reviews on Amazon and with a rating of 4.6 out of 5, today, confirm that I am not the only one who has fallen in love with this goal objetivo.

If you are thinking of buying a new lens , and this focal length is what you are looking for, surely I would not think about it much And if you have tried it, can you leave us your opinion in the comments?

Be sure to share this review if it has been useful to you, maybe some of your contacts will find in it the opportunity they were waiting for. Thank you.


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